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Handbuch e-BEX (German version)
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e-BEX means a direct, easy and cost-efficient entering of order information via the Internet. It enables you to print labels and part loads (BEX Logistics) transport documentation and after that the data is forwarded directly to the shipment logistics centre.

e-BEX is a comfortable and simple solution for digitalizing data. In order to ensure complete security, a complex security concept has been developed which, of course, includes the complete coding of all data and will only allow access by means of user identification and a password.

Your benefits

  • Reduction of the administration expenses
  • Comfortable and simple solution for digitalizing the consignment note data for BahnExpress
  • Easier registration due to search and filter options
  • Efficient working due to storage of templates
  • Self-teaching master data (article, customers)
  • Expanded tracking and tracing



Version March 2015

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